Syllabus & Schedule

Below is a draft syllabus, serving as a foundation for learning but not cut into stone.  Teachable moments will emerge & we will grow to meet the challenges & opportunities of each day together.

 The approximate daily schedule throughout the week will be:

7:00 Yoga- every other day (guided outside) 

7:45 Breakfast

8:30 Morning meeting 

9:30 Hands-on learning and demonstrations

12:30 Lunch & Siesta

2:00 Lecture

3:00 Resume hands-on learning

5:30 Clean up 

6:30 Dinner

8:00 Evening program or free time

So much to look forward to...

Day 1

Hands-on: retie and stack straw bales

Lecture: Site orientation

Overview of building

Personal introductions

Intro to straw bales


Day 2

Hands-on: Straw bale walls continue

Make clay slip

Make straw-clay for stuffing

Stuff straw bale walls

Prep slip and chip walls

Mix and apply cob

Lecture: finding and testing clay soils


Day 3

Hands-on: finish straw bale walls

Mix and install slip and chip

Mix and apply cob

Prep straw-clay walls

Lecture: foundations, drainage, and moisture protection


Day 4

Hands-on: Mix and apply straw-clay

slip and chip continues

Cob continues

Chop straw for base plaster

Lecture: thermal properties of natural walls


Day 5

Hands-on: finish interior walls

Straw-clay continues

Cob continues

Spray clay slip on straw bale walls

Mix and apply base coat plaster

Lecture: passive solar design and siting


Day 6

Hands-on: Mix and apply base coat plaster

Straw-clay continues

Cob continues

Finish plaster recipe development

Lecture: plasters and finishes


Day 7

Hands-on: Mix and install base coat plaster

Cob continues

Clean up

Lecture: evaluate finish plaster samples

Q & A, evaluation